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Streptavindin coated microplates for DNA Hybridization Assay

Description of the principles how to use Streptavidin coated microplates in DNA Assays to improve the test

Poster „Diagnostic tool to improve dose decision during TNFa-inhibiting therapy“

Presented at the 3rd Biologics and Biosimilars Congress 2017

Invited Presentation „Improved Dose Decision with Comprehensive Diagnostic Data“

Presented at 5th International South Tyrolean Diagnostic Foum 2017

Poster Bonn Conference 2011 Advances in Pneumology Comparison of IgE Tests during Omalizumab Therapy

Comaprison between recoveryELISA IgE/Omalizumab and conventional IgE tests. Conclusion: Conventional tests fail to measure IgE in presence of the therapeutic antibody Omalizumab.

Abstract of the presentation Advances in Pneumology Bonn 2011 Measuring IgE during AB Therapy

The Abstract shows slides about the comparison between conventional IgE tests and the recoveryELISA IgE Omalizumab. Conclusion only the recoveryELISA IgE / Omalizumab is able to measure IgE in presence of the therapeutic antibody Omalizumab. There is no correlation between the Omalizumab concentration in sera and the deviation of conventional tests.