June 4, 2019 ahnert

BioTeZ established a novel surface functionalization kit -the TA-PAS system

The strong interaction between streptavidin and biotin is widely utilized in biotechnological applications (1). The new TAPAS label was developed to extend the portfolio for assay manufactured and will be valuable for its applications across a wide range of biotechnological areas.

To meet the big demand BioTeZ introduced in 2008 the poly-streptavidin a crosslinked streptavidin polymer with increased biotin binding capacity widely used for lateral flow test applications (2). Now is 2018 BioTeZ released a novel surface functionalization platform the TA-PAS Labelling Kit. This kit or labeling service allows an effective labeling a target molecules and detection with specific antibody.

The BioTeZ TA-PAST Labelling Kit was developed to extend the portfolio for assay manufactured and will be valuable for its applications across a wide range of areas.The BioTeZ TAPASTM Labeling Kit is a two component protein-ligand interaction system. One component is the small 1000 Dalton synthetic label called “TA-label”. The second component is the “PAS-Antibody” which binds the “TA-label” with high specificity and efficiency (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Application of TA-PAS system in lateral flow in combination with a double labelling strategy antibody conjugated with Gold nanoparticles and TA-label for immobilization at control line and streptavidin/biotin system for the test line.

The BioTeZ TA-PAS Labelling Kit or labelling service allows antibodies, proteins, primer etc. to be covalently labelled with the TA-label. The pre-activated TA-label is designated for the coupling with the target molecules through the reaction with primary amino groups which allows also double labelling strategies ideal for lateral flow test development projects.

“With the BioTeZ TAPAS Labelling Kit we react on the high demand on surface functionalization technologies for the diagnostic field. With our new TAPASTM Labeling Kit we support lateral flow test manufacturing and contribute to a more convince to develop a new point of care technology” explains Dr. Janko Brand (Senior Scientist at BioTeZ).

The BioTeZ TA-PAS Labelling Kit supports a large number of applications including immobilization, enrichment or detection of antibodies, other proteins and nucleic acids. It can be flexibly combined with various target molecules and detection systems such as fluorescent, luminescent, gold or carbon black (3). Many commercial immunoassays employ the high affinity interaction between biotin and streptavidin as part of the analyte capture mechanism. As such, these immunoassays are subject to an interference if biotin is part of the patient diet (4). The new TAPAS Label is biotin free and will reduce the background and thereby increase the sensitivity for many applications.

“We are glad to demonstrate the ability of the TA-PAS Labelling Kit for this important application in the coating and surface functionalization. Currently, we are in dialog with all major distributors and prepare a worldwide roll out of the BioTeZ TAPASTM Labeling Kit” says Uwe Ahnert (CEO BioTeZ).

The advantages of the BioTeZ TA-PAS Labelling Kit compared to conventional functionalization reagents are the improved signal noise ratio compared to streptavidin and poly-streptavidin. The high affinity binding between TA-Tag and PAS-Capture antibody leads to rapid binding with low cross-reactivity. Since the TA-PAS label is artificial and not present in nature non-specific binding were detected.

Product specifications: The BioTeZ TA-PAS Labelling Kit includes the PAS capture antibody, all necessary reagents to label the target molecule with the TA-labels and clean-up columns for purifying the coupling product. For double labelling TA-label and gold nanoparticles it is recommended to do TA-labelling procedure first.

About BioTeZ: BioTeZ is a 1992 founded Biotech Company, developing and producing ELISA kits, protease activity kits, antibodies, diagnostics and oligonucleotides. BioTeZ has longstanding experience in the development of biochemical test procedures for research institutes, hospitals and laboratories worldwide. BioTeZ holds all relevant patents on the poly-streptavidin and TAPAS label production and distribution.

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