Multi Analyte Immunaffinity Columns

Mass spectrometry: LC-MS/MS dilute and shoot versus IAC-LC-MS/MS

For many users of the tandem mass spectrometry the “dilute and shoot “technique appears as a simple method to solve interference problems with sample matrix. Increasing sensitivities of new generations of mass spectrometers seem to confirm this view. However, in the case of residue analysis with high quantitative accuracy, matrix effects due to ion suppression are disturbing and even the entire MS / MS system suffers in the long because of the high level of contamination for the introduced matrix.

Help can be provided by clean up columns, such as the multitoxin IAC B-TeZ IAC Combi AOZDFT 3ml optimized for the mycotoxin analysis, for the specific accumulation of afla- and ochratoxins, zearalenone, DON, fumonisin, T2 and HT2 toxin.

Before the samples reach the mass spectrometer almost all matrix constituents can be separated by the clean-up columns and thus often represent a clear improvement to the solid phase extraction columns. This procedure protects the mass spectrometer, saves maintenance and is stable due to the reduction of the matrix effect so the use of stable-isotopically labeled reference standards can be avoided.

In addition to the classic 3 ml single analyte clean-up column, BioTeZ also offers multi analyt clean-up columns. On request BioTeZ develops pressure-resistant guard columns for online or permanent operation, for example for vitamin B12 analysis, folic acid or biotin, as well as individual immunoaffinity columns for various autosamplers in sample preparation.


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