Our customer service comprises support in biochemistry solutions as well as administration matters:

Biochemistry Services:

The long term experience of BioTeZ in the field of immunochemistry is an outstanding basis for an extensive customer service. Mostly, an easy way to get needed information is to send us an email:


  • ELISA development and manufacturing of test kits
  • Development and manufacturing of test kit components
  • Antibody development
  • Purification, characterization and labelling of Antibodies
  • Analysing service


  • Streptavidin systems with different binding capazities and characteristics for your Assay
  • Customized coatings for microplates, Beads, Chips or other surfaces

Biochip Applications

  • Customized Biochip systems (various applications)

Customized Biochemistry Services

  • Labelling of bio molecules
  • Biotinylation
  • HRP labeling, e.g. with highly activatedHRP
  • Dye labelling
  • Europium fluoreszence labelling
  • Purification of bio molecules
  • Synthesis of bio conjugates
  • Synthesis of Immuno conjugates
  • Tests and Analysis
  • Trouble Shooting for immunoassays and bio conjugates
  • Chemistry synthesis and conducting of test kits

Excerpt of our available stocks of reagents

Biochemistry Research

  • Contract Development

Immuno Affinity Chromatography

  • Manufacturing of customized affinity gels and columns

You can reach us for more information under:

Administration Services:

This service includes the support in commercial administration of projects or small business units incl. accounting and reporting and full service for outsourcing solutions. In spite of our long experience in administrational supporting of collaboration partners we are able to offer efficient and straightforward solutions.

You can reach us for more information under: