Immune Affinity Chromatography

BioTeZ provides its own technology for production of affinity columns. During routine operation, such as columns for sample preparation of mycotoxin residue analysis are made.

This technology can also be used as customer service:
We prepare individual columns using your materials, like antibodies, peptides, DNA antisera, immunoconjugates or low-molecular agents, which can be utilized for your own affinity chromatography.

We provide ready-to-use-columns in different dimensions (0,1µl up to 100L). Furthermore, you get a comprehensive manual for proper handling. The own BioTeZ technology guarantees an effective and structure saving couppling of ligands.

Advantages of our columns:

  • Good flow behavior: No elevated pressure is required
  • Low abrasion

Coring Systems Diagnostix GmbH
Dr. Fooke Laboratorien GmbH, Office Neuruppin
Dr. Schade, Charitè Berlin, Institute of Pharmacology