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ELISA Development

ELISA is an abbreviation for Enzyme-Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay. It is used to detect the enzyme-controlled reaction between antigen and antibody. This multi-purpose way of testing is, if used properly, a very sensitive verification procedure. Proteins, antibodies, biomarkers, viruses, hormones, toxins and pharmaceuticals can be analyzed and quantified this way.

For several years BioTeZ has distinguished know-how in the field of ELISA development and creates globally-recognized innovations repeatedly, for example the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring / Companion Diagnostic.

Make use of our knowledge in test development of Sandwich ELISAs, Indirect ELISAs or Competitive Immunoassays. In the latter case a labeled competitor antigen is used instead of a labeled antibody. The antigen is similar in structure to the analyte and also bonds to the antibody. This leads to competition between the analyte and the competitor for a binding space on the antibody.

We use different dyes and highly-active horseradish peroxidase for detection. We will be pleased to develop immunoassays for you, whether sandwich, indirect or competitive Assays.

At the premises of our sister company Steffens-Biotec, Ebringen (QMS: ISO 13485) we offer manufacturing in accordance with European IVD guidelines for CE labelled test kits and kit compounds.


  • Synthesis of immunoconjugate for low-moleculare agents
  • Production and purification of antibodies
  • Synthesis of sensitive detection conjugates
  • Development of Assay-formats on microtiter plates, lateral flow strips, beads, biochips or other Systems
  • Using of Streptavidin-coated plates or biochips
  • Assay-Validation
  • High privacy customer service/ Troubleshooting

Our service includes the synthesis of mono- and polyclonal antibodies for your antigen. An instructed partner company carries out the immunization. We take over the organizing and arrange the following services:

Here you find mor information about our Therapeutic Drug Monitoring / Companion Diagnostic solution: recoveryELISA

Synthesis of suitable immunoconjugates

For immunization with low-molecular agents using appropriate carrier proteins as bovine-, human- mouse serum albumin, ovalbumin, Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH).

Monitoring of immunization progress
Verification of antibody titer during the individual immunization levels

Isolation, purification, characterizing and labeling of antibodies from antiserums, ascites or hybridoma cell supernatants


Our service includes Labeling of proteins, antibodies and low-molecular agents with:

  • Biotin
  • High-activated Horseradish-Peroxidases (POD)
  • Fluorescent dyes (FITC, Cy3, Cy5, Alexa Fluor etc.)

The Labeling-service includes also purification and characterization of the end-product.

We advise you comprehensive about Labeling possibilities, design of the reaction, for example the right stoichiometric ratio, but also about the proper storing and stabilization of the product.

We would like to produce Elisa-test-kits or other immuno-chemical products for you.