In its business activities, BioTeZ is committed to ethical principles and promotes the dissemination of ethical behavior in our own company and among our business partners.

This includes compliance with applicable laws and regulations and compliance with human rights.  Also promoted is the respectful and dignified treatment of people, the renunciation of obsessive actions and predicaments. BioTeZ is against the exploitation of humans, in particular of children as well as against the endangerment of health and life by disregard of health and safety regulations.

BioTeZ opposes any form of discrimination on grounds of disability, sexual, religious or ethnic reasons and promotes gender equality and the fair treatment of employees and subordinates. Equal Opportunity Officer at BioTeZ is Dr. med. Anja Talke.

BioTeZ condemns corruption and bribery. This includes not giving prospective clients inappropriate benefits, gifts, invitations or benefits.

BioTeZ is committed to the prevention of animal testing, for the welfare of animals and specifically against the extraction of antibodies from ascites.

BioTeZ campaigns for data security and the protection of personal data.

BioTeZ supports the protection of the environment and the sustainable use of resources. Specifically, BioTeZ is involved in recycling, the reuse of packaging materials, the prevention of the use of environmentally hazardous substances and the reduction of heat, cooling and energy consumption.

With regard to environmental protection, BioTeZ follows the current version of ISO standard 14001 and maintains procedures for the establishment of improvement measures and compliance with environmental objectives.