The BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH is a
Biotechnology company founded in 1992.
BioTeZ is partner of research institutions,
the pharmaceutical industry and laboratory diagnostics.

Our sister company Steffens-Biotec, Ebringen (ISO 13485)
is specialised in manufacturing CE in-vitro diagnostics.

Products and Services

Affinity Chromatography

We support mykotoxin and vitaminanalysis using very effective immunoaffinity columns and ELISAs, and by developing toxin- and detection conjugates.

Primer/Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Long term experience in the field of DNA and RNA primer synthesis guarantees very high quality. We offer various services, fast shipment and ease your budget.

ELISA Technologies

Use our experience in the field of ELISA development, the production of tests and components. Test our innovation “recoveryELISA” for therapeutic drug monitoring with biologics


Outstanding Biotin binding capacities using our high-tech molecule improve assay performance.

Human Proteases/

human proteases, ELISA protein assays and antibodies incl. the former Proteaimmun GmbH products and services

Biochemistry services

extensive customer service in the field of immunochemistry like individual assay compounds or conjugates


Today’s biology for Lab-on-a-Chip-Systems, Microfluidic Chips, Microfluidic Devices, Beads or Magnetic Beads are often enhanced by streptavidin coatings to functionalise surfaces and micro structures. Streptavidin binds very tightly to the small molecule Biotin. Streptavidin coating of solid phase’s offers a universal immobilization principle for the detection and analysis of antibodies, proteins, peptides, DNA, RNA, PCR-fragments, haptens etc.

The BioTeZ Polystreptavidin R Coating Kit (Product Code: BTCK-MC) is useful for adsorptive coatings on microplates, beads, membranes etc. made of metal, nitrocellulose, ceramic, silicon, glass or plastics like Polystyrene, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Poly(methyl methacrylate) PMMA or Polyamides with “Maximum Biotin Binding Capacity”.

Polystrept R combines the excellent binding capacity with a high chemo and thermo stability.Additional pre-coating serves to improve the outcome and especially for very inert surfaces to ensure high quality coatings with Polystreptavidin R.

Polystreptavidin R provides product consistency and helps to reduce variability in diagnostic assays. Test it; make the comparison of BioTeZ Polystreptavidin R Coating Kit and surface activated beads or other surface activations.

Typical applications where Polystreptavidin R is used: IVD assays, isolation and purification of biotinylated molecules, ligand coupling.

BBI Solutions

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