Lateral Flow Test - Rapid Tests

BioTeZ supports every aspect and the entire development of Lateral Flow Test / LFA / rapid tests as wells as the production process from the development of a biomarker to the finished lateral flow test.

A detailed selection and testing of used materials are required for the successful Lateral Flow Test development. It is important to identify the ideal combination of conjugate release pad, cassette, sample pads, cover tapes, backing cards and membranes to develop a high quality LFA. At the heart of every LFA are the immunochemical reagents such as gold detection conjugates for a specific signal, high affinity and fast binding antibodies for an efficient immobilization on the spotted test lines and control line.

Take advantage of our experience in the extraction, sample preparation, development and testing of antibodies, the synthesis of immunoconjugates and detection conjugates. To make the development process as easy as possible, BioTeZ supports you with the following kits, products, services and syntheses, among others.

With the Polystrept R and TA-PAS Labeling System, BioTeZ offers innovative solutions for the functionalization of surfaces, the immobilization, labeling and detection of biomolecules.

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Make use our experience with gold nanoparticles for your success. BioTeZ develops alternatives such as carbon black nano particles for improved signals and low unspecific bonds.

As a service, BioTeZ offers the synthesis of protein conjugates and buffer additives to optimize conjugate release pads and to coat nitrocellulose membranes with test lines and control lines.

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