BioTeZ has a fundamental interest in taking over or continuing companies or parts of companies, for example in the sense of corporate succession planning, outsourcing or corporate restructuring, possibly combined with a new corporate orientation.

Among other things, BioTeZ wants to respond to the high demand for sophisticated succession solutions, in which scientific-technological, production-related and commercial aspects simultaneously play an important role. BioTeZ acts exclusively in its own name and not for third parties and has great interest in the continuation of business and the preservation of jobs.

We offer arrangements for a quick takeover, but also for long-term partnership or handovers in coordinated stages.

Businesses that are interested in us are, for example, in the field of immunochemical or biochemical products and services, with the operating sites predominantly in Germany.

Businesses that are less interesting to us are singular patents or inventions, technical devices and measurement technology or startups. We do not participate in financing rounds.

If you would like to find out if BioTeZ is an interesting option for you, please write a short letter to our CEO, Mr. Uwe Ahnert, who will treat your request as strictly confidential and will then contact you to discuss an individual solution with you to find.

For anonymous or less confidential inquiries you can also  use our email  address .

Best regards