June 4, 2019 ahnert

New method for directly measuring the primary effect of drugs

BioTeZ is starting to develop a new method for directly measuring the primary effect of drugs on their target molecule.

BioTeZ starts the project for the development of a companion diagnostic procedure. The aim is to determine the optimal drug dose for each patient to reduce side effects, to achieve the Therapeutic Window and to increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients by optimizing the dosage (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring).

The project is being funded on behalf of the State of Berlin through the Program for the Promotion of Research, Innovations and Technologies (Pro FIT) and partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). In the next two years, intensive work will be carried out to establish the Drug Primary Performance Monitoring Assay (DPPMA). Drug Primary Performance Monitoring Assay is characterized by the ability to simultaneously determine concentrations across binding curves of two molecules from different classes.

In addition, the application of various detection systems is tested. DPPMA is an excellent addition to BioTeZ’s therapeutic drug monitoring portfolio, with recoveryELISA and others. for Adalimumab and Evolocumab products include for the determination of protein-protein interactions.

“We are excited to begin this important project to improve therapies by optimizing the drug dose individually. With this project, we want to make it clear that in addition to the search for biomarkers, especially the identification of the appropriate active substance concentration in the patient, there is a great deal of catching up to do. Too often it happens that a patient does not reach a therapeutically meaningful concentration of active ingredient or that excessive levels of active ingredient are present. Without diagnostics, a treatment failure is otherwise quickly suspected. This problem of unintentional incorrect dosage can only be solved with intelligent diagnostics, “says Mr. Ahnert, Managing Director of BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH.


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