Immunoaffinity Column

Immune Affinity Chromatography in Feed and Food Diagnostic

Immunoaffinity Column

BioTeZ has been specialized in mycotoxin and vitamin analysis within the field of food and feed analysis for more than 10 years now. We are experts in immunoaffinity columns (IAC) and in ELISAs.

Mycotoxins are fungal toxins and occur either in the growth phase of plants, when storing food and raw materials such as cereals and nuts, or they can enter the food chain as metabolites.

The highly-toxic mycotoxins endanger the human organism and that of other vertebrates and must be kept distant from the food chain. They have a carcinogenic, neurotoxic, immunsuppressive or mutagenic effect. The EU has enacted regulations governing permissible levels of mycotoxins which may not be exceeded. There are comparable regulations to protect the public in industrial countries such as the US and Japan. Careful analyses contribute towards ensuring food quality and health.

BioTeZ produces its own highly effective IAC series “B-TeZ” to determine mycotoxin contaminations. These products have been proven for many years. The IAC have excellent flow behavior and are extremely robust, guaranteeing easy enrichment and isolation of mycotoxins using highly-specific monoclonal antibodies.

We offer ready-to-use IAC in two sizes (1 ml and 3 ml) shown in our order form. Further we offer mycotoxin columns, e.g. Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin and Zearalenone, Fumonisin, T2/HT2, DON (Deoxynivalenol), Aflatoxin M1 and Ergot Alkaloids in standard columns or customized columns.

Further we offer combi columns Afla-Ochra; Afla-Ochra-Zearalenon; DON-Zearalenon, all-in-one and

Estradiol columns.

Our colums have the following advantages:

  • have high permeability, no increased pressure is required
  • little abrasion

We also offer:

  • ELISAs
  • Mycotoxin conjugates
  • Detection conjugates

Price List

BioTeZ has its own facilities for the production of IAC. We routinely produce IAC to prepare samples for mycotoxin analysis.

These technologies can also be used as customer services in differen sizes (0,1µl up to 100 L)

We are able to produce IAC (which you can use for your affinity chomotography) using your materials, e.g. antibodies, peptides, DNA and other proteins, antiserums, culture supernatants, immuno conjugates or low molecular substances.

The own BioTeZ technology guarantees an effective and structure saving couppling of the ligands.

We deliver ready-to-use columns in various sizes. In addition you receive a comprehensive description of how to use the colums

If you are interested in our services, please use the order form or simply send us an email