Catalogue Labeling Kits and Services

Labeling Tools

BioTeZ Peroxidase Labeling Kit – Preparation of HRP labels using highly activated Poly-HRP; BTHRPK-03 or -05 labels  product data sheet

BioTeZ Biotinylation Kit – Reagents for the Biotinylation of 1 – 10 µg antibody/ other Protein; BTBIOK- 05 or -10 labels  product data sheet

BioTeZ TAPAS Labelling Kit – for immobilization, detection and enrichment of biomolecules; 2 component protein-ligand interaction system consisting of TA-Label and PAS-Antibody (capture antibody). It can be flexibly combined with various target molecules and detection systems; Reagents for the labelling of 100 µg antibody/ other Protein; BTTAP-001 product data sheet

BioTeZ Gold Conjugation Kit for Gold-Labelling of proteins or antibodies, the kit includes all reagents for an effective Gold-Label to your target Protein; BTGCK 001 product data sheet


Labeling and Synthesis Service

  • Preparation of HRP label
  • Preparation of Poly-HRP label
  • Preparation of Biotin label (Biotinylation)
  • Preparation of FITC label
  • Preparation of Europium label
  • Customized Fluorescent labeling
  • Customized immune conjugate (hapten conjugate)

Zymography Service

  • Zymography: Enzymatic Activity Analysis Service (a BioTeZ service adapted for Matrix Metalloproteases (MMPs)